Advertising, Marketing + Creative

Since 1991, Paragon has worked with a significant roster of brands and the advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies that serve them. The care we take in the way we manage projects and the high-quality and compelling messages we produce has resulted in many long-term strategic partnerships and ensures repeat business from the country’s top agencies and a steady stream of referrals. We serve clients promoting products and services in virtually every category in almost every market around the world. We have the ability to handle content in any form: print, digital, websites and apps, videos, 30 second spots and we can support the most complex market research endeavors. Today’s truly global marketplace requires experts who are able to navigate the world’s languages and cultures with natural ease, which is why your global marketing strategy should involve working with Paragon. Here’s how to get in touch with us.

Project Types + Solutions

With Paragon’s agility and well-known creativity, we are able to break down virtually any language barrier. Our package of solutions can meet most of your language-related needs, and we leverage our existing client relationships and strategic partnerships to fill in the gaps. Services we’ve provided to advertisers and marketers large and small include:

  • Multicultural Marketing and PR Campaigns
  • Localization
  • Transcreation and Adaptation
  • Cultural and Linguistic Analysis
  • Linguistic Validation
  • Multimedia Solutions
  • Device and Equipment Manuals
  • Cultural and Linguistic Consulting
  • QA Testing

Selected Client Experience + Case Studies

Check out some of the clients we’ve served…

  • Wieden + Kennedy
  • IW Group
  • AMCI Global
  • Studio PMG
  • Accentmarketing
  • Glover Park Group
  • Heat SF
  • MSL Group
  • Tonic Design
  • 72+Sunny
  • MSL Group

…and the problems we’ve solved: