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    Background Information

    Client’s Industry

    Advertising/Marketing (automotive sector)

    Type of Product

    International marketing campaign support

    Type of Project

    Transcreation, Cultural & Linguistic Analysis, Localization, Voice-Overs, QA Testing, Rekeying

    Languages involved

    Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Taiwan), English (Australia), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Angola; Brazil), Russian, Spanish

    Volume of work

    Weekly and monthly requests with up to 8 languages requested at a time for the entire duration of the marketing campaign. Project included sales aids, print ads, and radio commercials.

    Time frame

    2+ years

    Project Brief

    Focused on the niche of automobile marketing, the Client needed language support for a long-term campaign promoting a luxury brand of automaker. The Client initially focused on six European markets, but was so happy with Paragon’s work that the campaign expanded out to 20 additional markets. The project required extensive localization for different countries speaking the same language (for example, when a Portuguese-language version created for Portugal has to be localized for Angola or Brazil). Our work also included extensive cultural and linguistic analysis – ensuring that the product could be translated into all of the target languages while still retaining the message. The first step was to internationalize the content rather than localize it – so that the meaning remained consistent across languages. In the end, Paragon’s support allowed the Client to take their campaign to virtually any target market around the world.

    The Problem

    As the Client prepared for their international marketing campaign to promote the luxury brand of car, they quickly realized that they needed in-language support in a variety of languages. They needed a vendor experienced in marketing localization and one who could serve some unique languages in highly targeted markets for their campaign (Portuguese for Angola or Arabic specifically for Saudi Arabia). Because the Client was responsible for creating brand advocates around the world over the long-term, they knew the campaign would be complex, necessitate a truly global approach from the beginning, and would span over years. They needed an easy way to make their ideas, messages, and creations resonate around the world, which is why they chose Paragon.

    The Solution

    Once Paragon established the truly massive scope of the work the Client demanded, a senior project manager took over as the point of contact for all language-related matters for the campaign. This meant that the account manager was, from the beginning, familiar with the Client’s overall approach, goals, and ensured that there wasn’t a learning curve as changes or updates to the campaign came in. Paragon became a key editor of all of the content in English—well before translation even began, because the Cultural & Linguistic analysis (which we pioneered) scrutinized the source language. This analysis not only caught English mistakes, but also proposed ways that content could be created that would make translation much easier; for example, limiting idiomatic language and choosing slogans and catch phrases carefully so as to make them easier to convey around the world. Over the 2+ years of the campaign, Paragon localized iPad apps, adapted marketing materials, translated and laid out signage, translated letters to international automotive industry leaders, adapted international marketing campaigns, adapted scripts and recorded time-coded voice overs for iPad apps for luxury car brands marketed worldwide.

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