Mother’s Day Global Social Media Campaign

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  • Mother’s Day Global Social Media Campaign

    Background Information

    Client’s Industry

    Advertising/Marketing, Public Relations

    Type of Product

    Localization for Global Social Media Campaign

    Type of Project

    Transcreation, Cultural & Linguistic Analysis, Localization, Voice-Overs, QA Testing, Rekeying

    Languages involved

    Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish

    Volume of work

    Multiple posts and short video content

    Time frame

    1 month

    Project Brief

    Knowing that Mother’s Day in the United States would be driving a lot of traffic and content on their site, the world’s most prominent social media company wanted to include users from other target countries in their Mother’s Day greeting creation and sharing tool. They turned to a prestigious international advertising agency (the Client) to develop their Mother’s Day campaign, including promoting the tool in a variety of languages. Based on our long-standing relationship, the Client knew to turn to Paragon for assistance in creating a campaign for this American holiday, because they knew that we would ensure that the campaign was engaging for the social media company’s worldwide users.

    The Problem

    Although mothers are universally loved around the planet, Mother’s Day in the United States is a holiday that many Americans use to take the time to honor their mothers. On this day, the Internet, especially social media sites, are filled with images, videos, posts, and other content about the women who make such a difference in their children’s lives. With over 1 billion users worldwide, a prominent social media company knew that users everywhere would appreciate the chance to celebrate their mothers, and turned to the Client to promote their “Mother’s Day greeting generator” and other Mother’s Day posts and videos in a slew of target languages. Because of screen size limitations and the fact that the campaign would be in non-Roman alphabets (like Greek and Japanese) the Client needed to ensure that every word in every language fit the post properly. In addition to written posts, the Client wanted all of the video content they created accessible in the target languages as well. The Client’s short time-frame meant that translation would have to be completed quickly in order to make sure the posts were ready to go on Mother’s Day.

    The Solution

    From the start of the project, both the Client and Paragon knew that we were under a fast-approaching, hard-as-could-be deadline to prepare the social media company’s Mother’s Day campaign. One of the video posts featured imbedded text and images of the social media platform in use, which meant that all of the visible text needed to be localized into the target languages and alphabets. Another post featured a user-designed Mother’s Day card with unique fonts that also needed to be localized in each language. The initial translation and editing were completed in manuscripts for ease of translation and professionally formatted by Paragon’s internal and the Client’s in-house designers, who created proofs in each language. Our linguists were then responsible for certifying that the post looked and felt natural in the target language, and that the issues of spacing and line breaks were solved correctly. The campaign was a huge success, and the Client continued to use Paragon on this prestigious social media company’s account for future campaigns, including the 2014 World Cup.

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