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    Background Information

    Client’s Industry

    Advertising/Marketing, Public Relations

    Type of Product

    Full service intercultural & multilingual marketing campaign

    Type of Project

    Linguistic validation, cultural & linguistic consulting, editing, translation, adaptation (transcreation), back-translation, localization, desktop publishing, QA Testing

    Languages involved

    Bengali, Burmese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Gujarati, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese

    Volume of work

    Translations for 15+ languages; 50,000+ source words; 100+ pages DTP

    Time frame

    2+ years

    Project Brief

    After working with Paragon to successfully complete the multicultural outreach campaign for the 2000 U.S. Census, a major advertising agency (the Client) again partnered with Paragon to complete the multicultural outreach campaign for Asian languages to raise awareness about and participation in the 2010 U.S. Census. Paragon ensured that the adaptation of the Client’s creative concept into over 15 languages maintained consistency, accuracy, and cultural relevance on billboards, radio spots, digital/interactive content, and other collateral. The success of this project, along with many others, and the partnership between the Client and Paragon has resulted in close collaboration on many projects over the years.

    The Problem

    The advertising campaign for the 2010 U.S. Census was one of the largest multilingual campaigns ever developed for exclusive distribution in the United States with the Client selected for outreach into all of the Asian languages. The Client set out to create culturally compelling messages for people living in the United States to drive greater overall participation in the Census. The large volume of work surrounding this campaign meant that the Client’s in-house copywriters faced extremely busy days and tight deadlines. The sheer number and diversity of languages and writing systems (different alphabets and character systems as well as reading direction) involved in this project meant that not every piece of copy could be translated, transcreated, edited, desktop published, and/or laid out for printing by each member of the Client’s team. They needed additional support from a high-quality, reliable language services provider.

    The Solution

    With our primary focus on and expertise in language, Paragon was able to augment the Client’s workflow as a vendor whose linguists focus on quality and had experience in adapting creative messages into their languages and under tight deadlines. Paragon’s project management team is responsive and able to deliver under the pressure of both volume of work and rapidity of deadlines required in long-term campaigns.

    Paragon’s Cultural and Linguistic Analysis (C&L) was incorporated into the development of English copy from the beginning. This allowed us to identify and alert the Client to any potential issues in translation, including idioms that are difficult to translate in other languages. Our C&L also allowed Paragon to understand the message the Client was conveying and familiarize ourselves with their register, style, and terminology in English, which in turn gave us an edge in ensuring that translations were of the highest quality. It enabled us to perfectly capture the meaning and context of the English. All translations for this campaign followed a process of initial translation, followed by a back-translation into English, and a round of reconciliation to address any disparities between the source and back-translation. Paragon was also responsible for the final proofreading of all in-language print-ready materials before being published to ensure that all languages remained intact.

    With the assistance of Paragon’s language expertise in translation, transcreation, editing, and linguistic validation, the Client was sure that every word of their campaign was flawless before release—in over 15 languages and for as many cultural audiences. 

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