4 Reasons To Use a Professional Translator

At Paragon, we understand the importance of hiring professional translation services, but unless you are in the market for such service, you might not be aware of how your company can benefit. Here are 4 reasons why hiring a professional translation service will have a positive impact on your business:

1.    To better service current and future clients

The ability to offer your clients information through multiple digital channels and languages is the future of our global economy. In fact, if you look at most companies’ traffic analytics, you will see that more and more visitors are finding them from countries around the world. Businesses that recognize that the future of their consumer base is ever-widening will consciously service them in their native language, thus helping many companies evolve with the times and stay ahead of competition.

2.    For multi-cultural marketing

Multicultural translations are the key to maintaining brand consistency whether you need your slogan, commercial, advertisement, or website content localized. The goal is to ensure that your message resonates with a multicultural audience, which can only be achieved through native language speakers who not only understand the nuances in translation, but also are fully versed in the culture of the target audience, allowing you to maintain the brand voice and ensure that your message never gets muddled or misconstrued.

3.    To expand resources

There’s an old saying about growing business, “Say yes to every opportunity and figure out how to do it later”. Having access to someone who can help when you get an international opportunity means that you can immediately expand your service area and feel secure that your agreements and delivery will be best in class.

4.    Consistent branding

The number one reason a customer says, “No” to a product or service is confusion or lack of understanding of value. This tenet is especially applicable when dealing with a business that services multi-cultural audiences. Don’t let your brand fall into this easily fixed problem:  hire people who understand the words and the meaning behind your marketing, so that your customers say, “Yes” more.

Hiring a professional translation firm to help curate a consistent brand is your key to market expansion and profitability especially as the world becomes a smaller, more accessible place. Accurate, culturally sensitive translation and localization unlock the doorsto this new market of diverse people in the best way so that you can develop a long-term, trusted relationship from the first point of communication.

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