Hispanic Heritage Month

Too often, the approach to translations into and out of Spanish is oversimplified.  A translation that fails to consider the culture of the target audience is inherently flawed.  Is the final product meant for consumption by an Argentinian in Buenos Aires, a Spaniard in Madrid, a Mexican in Mexico City, or all three?  In the US market alone, messages in Spanish must often be adapted differently for the Mexican American in Houston, the Cuban American living in Miami, and the Puerto Rican audience in New York.

At Paragon, we want to take time to mark special days in our calendar: Spanish Language Day (October 12) this weekend and the winding down of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15th- October 15th).  While the linguistic and cultural differences from the different regions of Latin America (and Spain itself!) are often overlooked, Paragon ensures that cultural context is the foundation of our translator’s work so that uniquely crafted messages target the right audiences with the right words.  We recognize different linguistic needs of translations targeted to different audiences; this month is a great reminder of the diversity of the Spanish language and Latin American culture.  

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