Translation Buyers Beware!

Paragon receives solicitations daily from purported language service vendors who want to partner with us.  We recently received the following solicitation from a translation company overseas:


   This is Rose from (China)_________ Translation Company.

   We can provide you translation, interpretation and vice-over service in more than 60 kind language pairs, especially in English <>Asian language.

   Any needs, please feel free to contact us. 

   Looking forward to hearing from you. 

   Thank you.



__________ Translation Co., Ltd

Although we do not offer “vice-over service,” and wouldn’t really describe the 90+ language pairs we offer as “kind,” we know for a fact that there is more than one “English<>Asian language.” It is safe to say that our translations are impeccable.  With such pervasive mistakes in this marketing outreach, it is also safe to say that we are not interested in the services of this company.  

“Excellence is Our Common Language”

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