Westernization: With the Bad Comes Good

Culture is an inseparable part of our unique identity. Without understanding our own culture, we do not know who we are. There is, unfortunately, a worldwide movement that threatens the preservation of cultures everywhere. Westernization, or the adoption of Western cultures within societies that do not traditionally practice Western tradtions, threatens longstanding practices and traditions worldwide. This movement is establishing itself globally through technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, religion, philosophy, and values, according to Tezenlo Thong in "‘To Raise the Savage to a Higher Level:’ The Westernization of Nagas and Their Culture," Modern Asian Studies.

Although Westernization can be viewed as an unfortunate reality, Westernization or Modernization can also bring about benefits. At Paragon, we encourage always having an open mind. We accept all cultures from every angle, because ethnocentrism can lead to cultural devolution. Westernization has also been beneficial in globalizing the economy and creating more efficient ways of producing goods and services. Another benefit is the modernization of medical practices, resulting in the extension of life expectancy. Westernization has also created a world with greater knowledge, and the ability to communicate and share knowledge and ideas globally, at the touch of a button.

At Paragon, we urge our clients and community to value and appreciate traditions and cultures without a purely ethnocentric point of view. We encourage viewing the world with optimism and a willingness to learn new things. We believe this creates a more integrated world of people who are bonded by the simple fact that we are all human.

Image resource: https://bossfight.co/statue-liberty-ellis-island/

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