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    Website Localization

    If you have a site up on the World Wide Web, shouldn’t you make sure your content is accessible world-wide? Working with Paragon allows you to engage potential new customers in new markets, for a lot less than you would think. Paragon has capabilities in both MAC and PC platforms and expertly manages every modern language and writing system. Your customer can tell when websites are translated the old fashioned way – they simply don’t look as polished and don’t read fluently. By working with technology that automates the typical steps involved in web globalization projects, you can minimize or completely eliminate the time your developers and engineers spend on website localization.

    The amount of localization required is up to you—we can provide new foreign language content for your entire site, key sections, or work with you to develop a site that integrates with the overall theme of your brand, but whose foreign language seconds are completely adapted and localized to your target culture.

    Paragon’s experts are trained to spot potential layout and design issues that arise from complex scripts and fonts, and deliver projects quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. No matter which content management system you use, Paragon provides professional, quality translation, powered by robust technology, offering the highest levels of security.

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    Mobile app localization

    Did you know that localizing a mobile app results in significantly more downloads? A Distimo study showed that localizing app text resulted in 128% more downloads and 26% more revenue from each country added – just within the first week of having added that country or language. The first step to unlocking that revenue is language. At Paragon, we combine language translation with powerful technology to bring insight to how your mobile app gets localized. Our intuitive process makes taking your mobile application global both fast and easy. Pioneering brands and their agencies are learning the value of mobile in this day and age; more and more, new customers are tapping away at their in-language, localized apps, which for the brand means tapping into new revenue streams. Request a quote from Paragon to localize your app today!

    Additional Localization Support

    We also provide the following localization solutions:

    • Software localization
    • Graphics/Image localization
    • Audio-visual localization (see also Multimedia solutions)
    • Video game localization
    • VoIP/IVR localization

    * Quality assurance testing in any language is available for all your localization needs.

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