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    MT technology has progressed significantly, and Paragon has invested in developing high-caliber MT engines in several languages tailored to specific industries. If you have your own data, we can even incorporate them in our engines! Even though our engines are better than many other engines in the market, we believe the human touch is always needed. Paragon provides human editing post MT engine use to ensure quality.

    Services offered:

    • Consultation
    • Basic engine & Professional engine
    • Machine translation with premium quality post editing (post editing + additional round of review by a qualified linguist)
    • Machine translation with standard quality post editing (post editing only)

    When should we use MT?

    • Large volume
    • Tight budget
    • Tight deadline

    What subject matters are ideal for MT?

    • Engineering & Manufacturing - Research materials, regulatory documents, training manuals, user manuals
    • Life Sciences - Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), Instructions for use (IFUs), research materials
    • Patents and Legal - Patents, intellectual property, contracts, policies
    • Travel & Hospitality - Travel, site and hotel descriptions, reviews

    What subject matters are NOT ideal for MT?

    • Marketing - Brochures
    • Creative - Slogans & Taglines
    • Literatures - Poetry & Novels

    Do you have additional questions about our MT engines? We’re happy to answer them!

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