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    Audio/Video transcription & translation

    At the most basic level, Paragon's transcription experts provide you with high-quality, verbatim transcriptions of audio and video recordings with remarkably fast turnaround times. We can make your job easier by providing time coding and translation. However, the Paragon difference is the extra care we take to review transcriptions, which saves you time reviewing the transcripts and eliminates minor errors and typos. We’ve transcribed and translated everything from humorous YouTube clips in Russian to Spanish and Korean wiretaps for federal investigations. Request a quote today to discuss your specific transcription needs.

    Subtitling and Captioning

    If you want foreign language subtitling or English captions to appear in your video content, working with Paragon is your one-stop solution. We offer expert subtitling and fast turnaround times to make sure that the project you have worked so hard on can be understood and enjoyed by people who speak any language. We handle everything from YouTube content to commercial spots and feature films. Our emphasis on quality does not get lost in multimedia projects, so don't worry about the bad subtitles we have all experienced ever turning up on your work.

    Captioning (CART) is similar to subtitling, however, captioning is for the deaf and hearing-impaired and includes references to all significant sound effects and music. Through the use of CART technology, Paragon is able to offer captioning for live broadcasts and video shoots to render captions almost instantly in English. CART technology is an ideal complement to sign language interpreting. Contact a project manager to discuss your captioning and subtitling needs today!

    Dialect coaching

    Although LA is full of great acting talent, expecting them to speak a foreign language fluently for a required scene is asking a lot. Paragon has worked with everyone in the entertainment industry, from major studios to indie filmmakers, to ensure that your talent sounds like a native speaker. Get in touch with our language and dialect experts today for more information.


    No matter how great your script is in English, nothing turns off viewers in other countries more than a poorly executed voiceover based on shoddy translation. We make sure that never happens! Paragon handles complete foreign language recording, casting, translation, dubbing, and adaptation and warrants that the foreign-language voice talent and linguists are perfectly matched to your job, ensuring that your message is clear and authentic from the words on the page to the voice that delivers it. Unlike most language service providers, Paragon has strong ties with recording studios and post-production houses, as well as a large pool of foreign-language voice talent here in Los Angeles. We can take employee training videos or community outreach content to the next level by expertly weaving in the voice of a professional—in any language you need! Here’s how to get in touch with us. 

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