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    Documents and Publications

    From the most straightforward documents to a whole issue of your magazine, Paragon’s process ensures that every detail of your project is expertly managed to completion, so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks. This guarantee extends from our long-term projects, to translations needed under the tightest of deadlines. Starting with in depth Cultural and Linguistic Analysis (a process we pioneered), we comb over the source language to ensure issues bound to crop up in the translation process, like cultural sensitivities, are addressed ahead of time. After the message is ready for translation, we activate our deep and longstanding ties with the world’s top linguists to make sure that at least one translator and a different professional editor have reviewed your message in its target language(s). Once the message is perfected, we save you time and effort by ensuring that formatting, layout, and text structure are flawless matches to the original source. Our third proofreading of the laid-out text in-language catches any final minor mistakes, and ensures that formatting has not compromised the message’s meaning. Many of our clients, especially in the legal and pharmaceutical production sectors, require translation certificates, which we are happy to provide. Contact us with questions, or submit a quote request if you’re ready to go!

    Translation Technology

    Computer-assisted translation or “CAT” tools help translators identify and manage repetitive text. They also help translators maintain consistency between translations by leveraging translation and terminology databases. Some of the better-known software packages include SDL Trados, Wordfast, and MemoQ. Large translation projects are frequently done through CAT software packages as well as cloud- based solutions such as Memsource and GroupShare, to reduce cost, maintain terminology, and manage complexity. Many of our clients have reaped benefits in long-term savings. Translation Memory™ is a database that stores previously translated text. This stored text can be used to ensure consistency of translation segments and speed up the translation process by identifying and “matching” repetitive text. The increased production speed will often result in savings for you. In the long-run, and as your translation memory is filled with more data, your costs are significantly reduced. Check out an example of how utilizing TM technology has saved a nutritional supplement manufacturer hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Another client, a major health insurance company, is currently saving dozens of hours and thousands of dollars for new translations, all through leveraging TM technology. Contact Paragon’s TM experts today!

    Machine Translation

    Although many translation buyers have good reason to be wary of machine translation (MT), Paragon’s MT option can mean big savings for your bottom line. Savvy clients know that the free software available online does not deliver the professional, high-quality translations you need, however, Paragon has invested in developing high-caliber MT engines in several languages tailored to specific industries. When you select this option (we only use MT technology when requested), your translation is instantly rendered without sacrificing quality. Unlike the free engines online, your information is kept confidential. It’s the Paragon difference that takes machine translation to a professional level.

    To learn more about our machine translation (MT) solutions, please click here.

    Rare + Ancient Language Translation

    Have a translation need in Ancient Chinese, Aramaic, Dakota, Latin, Nahuatl, Old Norse, or Ojibwa (or another language)? Paragon can help! Our deep network of linguists and experience with unique projects means that we can offer you solutions for whatever language you need! We have worked with art historians and collectors, film and TV production companies in need of dialect coaching and subtitling, agencies doing market research in emerging markets, among others with specific language needs that many other translation agencies simply cannot offer. If you have a challenge involving a unique language, contact Paragon to provide the solution.

    Translation Consolidation

    When it comes to cutting unnecessary administrative costs from your budget, centralizing translation can be a vital money-saver.

    See if any of these describe you:

    • Limited or nonexistent performance and ROI metrics for translation
    • Excessive translation spending related to duplication of efforts
    • Inconsistent or nonexistent training for buyers
    • Limited or nonexistent collaboration between translation suppliers

    At first, Microsoft had 150 employees in three business segments spending $18 million a year with 54 different suppliers. After streamlining translation to one department, the company saved $12 million, with an additional $3 million more in savings each subsequent year. While most businesses still view the purchase of translation as an expense versus a profit driver, forward-thinking business leaders leverage translation as a key growth enabler. Paragon guides customers through the consolidation process to our clients. Our consulting services are simply the first step we take to make sure that the translation you get is the translation you need. So ask yourself, does your translation cost you money or does it make you money?

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