Meeting Expedited Submission Requirements

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  • Meeting Expedited Submission Requirements

    Background Information

    Client’s Industry

    Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals)

    Type of Product

    Translation of invitational brochure, slide deck, prescribing information (PI), important safety information (ISI), and directions for use (DFU) with notarized declaration of accuracy

    Type of Project

    Cultural & linguistic consulting, translation/adaptation, desktop publishing, image localization, translation memory management

    Languages involved

    Spanish for the US and Puerto Rico Markets (patient focused)

    Volume of work

    15,000+ words

    Time frame

    14 Business Days

    Project Overview

    Paragon was referred to a large organization specializing in cutting edge therapies for HIV (the Client) by its parent company, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (the Parent Company). Paragon was to provide translation and cultural adaptation for one of the Client’s leading antiretroviral drugs. In preparation for an HIV-focused educational event to take place in Puerto Rico to promote a groundbreaking program, and the Client’s brand-name HIV treatment, Paragon was selected to translate and culturally adapt their invitational brochure and prescribing information leaflet (PIL) into Spanish.  Paragon’s success in this initial project has resulted in regular, ongoing projects from the Client.

    The Problem

    The Client wanted to ensure that they chose a language solutions provider (LSP) who had experience translating, adapting, and localizing marketing and promotional materials for the pharmaceutical industry, and specifically, a solid track record for executing expedited projects. Their event was approaching quickly and it was important to the Client that the chosen language provider could commit to promptly delivering a quality end product. More importantly, the client wanted to make sure that the agency for this job would enforce all applicable QA measures to bolster the quality and legitimacy of the final product and successfully deliver it to them in a way that would comply with their adopted file trafficking platform for regulatory and archiving purposes.

    The Solution

    Since Paragon worked on a considerable amount of brand-focused material in Spanish for the Parent Company, this company was able to attest to our impeccable workflow and operating procedures. The Client and Parent Company share the same file and vendor management platform and method for delivery of their translated materials, and the Client felt comfortable that Paragon would easily work in this platform based on the Parent Company’s experience and referral.  With the expedited nature of the project, there was no time for a vendor’s learning curve.

    The first step in solving this delivery problem was to identify  a team of experts in Spanish pharmaceutical terminology, and ensure that they were dedicated only to this Client’s project. As a time saving measure, Paragon’s chief linguist simultaneously performed a cultural and linguistic analysis of the Client’s English source material to ensure its smooth translatability into Spanish and processed the same documents in our computer assisted translation (CAT) platform to prepare the package of project files for the dedicated Spanish team.

    Paragon leveraged its CAT tools at the beginning of the project, including an existing translation memory (TM) database and pre-translated files to speed up the process. Since this project consisted of two separate English documents that were internally reviewed and approved for translation at different times, the other challenge was to preserve our intended rush deadline. By identifying the tone and style ahead of time for each document, it was easier for the project manager to split the source files between two translators and a chief editor to execute this rush project. Because the translations were meant for consumption in Puerto Rico with possible circulation within the US market, Paragon selected translators residing in Puerto Rico and a chief editor residing in the United States. Because the client’s delivery method mirrored that of the Parent Company, Paragon was able to deliver the final Spanish versions of the material a day early while using the correct platform and protocol.

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