Industry Experience

Since opening our doors in 1991, Paragon has had the opportunity to serve companies and organizations in virtually every industry. The care we take in managing projects and the high-quality and compelling messages we produce have resulted in long-term strategic partnerships that ensure repeat business and a steady stream of referrals.

Paragon's clients promote products and services in virtually every realm and in almost every market around the world. We handle content in any form—print, digital, websites and apps, videos, 30-second spots, etc.—and we can support the most complex market research endeavors. Today’s truly global marketplace requires experts who are able to navigate the world’s languages and cultures with a natural ease, which is why your global communication strategy should involve working with Paragon.

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Industry Types + Solutions

With Paragon’s agility and well-known creativity, we are able to break down virtually any language barrier. Our package of solutions can meet most of your language-related needs, and we leverage our existing client relationships and strategic partnerships to fill in any gaps. To learn more about all of the industries we provide solutions for, please contact us today!

Highlighted Industries & Selected Case Studies

Click on any of the links below to find selected case studies that highlight some of the problems we have solved for the major industries we serve. 

Advertising, Marketing + Creative

We work with brands and their agencies to constantly unlock new revenue and serve new customers—no matter which language they speak. 

Case Studies:

Life Sciences

From the molecule to the marketplace, Paragon has been deeply involved in the life sciences for 25 years, providing premier language solutions of all kinds. Here’s how to work with the one of the industry’s leading companies serving the life science and biotechnology niche.

Case Studies:


Paragon works closely with local and remote studio facilities and talent across the globe to produce state-of-the-art multilingual-multimedia projects for our entertainment clientele. We can translate and adapt commercial copy, perform foreign language voice casting, record foreign language voice overs and dubbing for commercials and in-store videos in just about any language. Find out how we do it!

Case Studies:

Technical, Manufacturing, + Production

Paragon is thankful for the repeat business and great number of referrals we continue to receive from our clients in the manufacturing and production world. Due to technical advances in the language industry, translating a million words of technical jargon in a short period of time is much easier than it was 25 years ago. Paragon knows how to effectively utilize the right balance of technology and human touch.

Case Studies:

Insurance + Finance

Since its inception, Paragon has been translating insurance and financial related materials for companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Farmers Insurance. We appreciate the importance of you needing the very best service provider from every standpoint: quality, consistency, access, reliability and economy. Here are just a few examples of how we do it.

Case Studies:

Government + Non-Profit

Paragon’s long track record providing exceptional translations for educational and non-profit institutions earned us clients such as the California Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Let us help you, too!

Case Studies:

  • IEP Translation for Large Southern California School District
  • Interpretation for Domestic Violence Victims in Rural Areas
  • Web Localization and Ongoing Updates for Large Non-profit Organization Serving the Aged Populations Across the US
  • Large Conference Interpreting Support in Multiple Languages
Legal + Regulatory

Our experienced pool of linguists work for agencies such as the Los Angeles Superior Court, the U.S. District Court, the Department of Homeland Security (ICE) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  We translate any binding information from legal notices, inmate correspondence, to court forms and filing documents such as summons and complaints.  Paragon supports your depositions, arbitrations and negotiations with certified court interpreters. We providecommunity interpreters at school board, housing authority, neighborhood council and parent meetings and serve as skilled conference interpreters in public and private settings.

Case Studies:

Hospitals + Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to providing over-the-phone interpreting to hospitals and healthcare facilities, we have some of the lowest connection times in the industry – we challenge you to find another service that can link you to a professional, credentialed interpreter on demand in less time than it takes to walk into the kitchen and pour a glass of water. All calls are strictly confidential and comply with IRS, HIPAA and US-EU Safe Harbor requirements as well as with the NCIHC and NAJIT Interpreter Codes of Ethics. Paragon strives to be the industry-leading service for all your interpreting needs. We will ensure your critical communications are understood – in any language.

Case Studies:

  • Technology Improves Communication with Patients
  • Localizing Testing Materials and Providing Examiners, Graders and On-site Coordinators for Bilingual Assessment and Certification of Employees for a Statewide Mental Health Organization
  • Long-Term Project Management for Statewide Healthcare Association's Regulatory Division