Celebrate Dad

This Sunday it’s time to celebrate fathers in nearly 80 countries around the world! For some, this holiday is cherished by celebrating with the most special men in our lives by saying, “hey dad, papá, pa, pai, da, isa, apa, aba, bapa, otosan, thank you for being a supportive and loving person in my life.” Father’s Day traditions vary from family to family and might look like an annual golfing excursion, a personalized card, preparing his favorite dish or taking him to his favorite restaurant. In Mexico, there is an annual 21K Father’s Day race, Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan, in addition to parties and gifts for dads.

No matter how you celebrate this weekend, letting him know he is loved and appreciated is always the greatest gift. 

To see how Father’s Day is celebrated in other countries, check out this article!

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