New President, Now What?

Last week the US held its 2016 Presidential Election. We hope you were able to reference our blogpost about the importance of voting and why language should not be a barrier. If you missed it, please read it here.

This election will stand out in U.S. history, given how close the race was and what the polls predicted. However, despite Hillary Clinton surpassing Donald Trump in the popular vote tally, Donald Trump won the necessary number of electorate votes.  We are now eager to see what good our President-elect will bring to our country.

Whether or not you voted, it’s important to know what is going on in the world and to follow current events everywhere. This year’s election was closely watched not only by our friends in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, but especially by the friends who share our borders to the North and the South.  At Paragon, our goal is to remain well-informed, diverse, and educated about current world news to help us better understand world events and how such events affect language..

Paragon offers its congratulations to­­­­­ America’s 45th President, and to America!

Image via: (Economist)

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