Paragon Cares 2023

At Paragon, we believe in the spirit of giving back. Philanthropy is a core value within our company, and we strive to return the care and support our community has so graciously given to us over the past 30+ years. Around the holidays and New Year’s, however, we believe it is especially important to be generous. For the fortunate, celebrations often include family friends, food and gift exchanges. For those unable to join in these types of festivities, we wish to bring special happiness and light into their lives.

Two of the philanthropies we have regularly supported with our time, money and people power are the Hollywood Food Coalition (HoFoCo), where we help prepare donated food and serve it the homeless on the streets of Hollywood (most recently this past October 2022), and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), which “helps people find permanent housing and provides case management, medical and mental healthcare, employment training, and other services to help them maintain their homes stably.”

In addition, this year we polled our staff for their favorite charities, and have made contributions to those causes, as well. Paragon is thrilled to have made end-of-year donations to the following outstanding organizations:

  • Hollywood Food Coalition, which “serves over 80,000 nutritious meals to low-income and food-insecure persons in Hollywood, CA, each year;”
  • World Central Kitchen, which provides “chef-prepared meals to communities impacted by natural disasters and during prolonged humanitarian crises” (most recently on the ground in Ukraine);
  • The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, which helps “Black and Brown marginalized families...” and “uses the power of networking, social media, and influence to connect families in need with people that can help;”
  • Jewish Family Services of San Diego's Welcome the Stranger Fund, which “ensures San Diego remains a welcoming place for those in search of a safer life—free from violence and persecution” and “empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and welcoming immigrants with compassion;”
  • KCET TV (PBS Los Angeles); and
  • Aniquem, a Peruvian organization that helps children with free medical care and rehabilitation from burns, as well as teaches about burn prevention.

We also provide pro-bono language services to our favorite charities, and offer paid time off to our own employees who wish to volunteer time to causes they believe are important.

We believe the greatest gift this holiday season is the gift of giving back. Not only does the community benefit, but it is also extremely rewarding to know that we, as a company, are doing all we can to help those less fortunate. 

Thank you to everyone in our community who has helped and supported Paragon by trusting us with your language projects, which, in turn, has allowed us to dedicate more time to these amazing philanthropic causes. We could not have done this without you.

Happy holidays and New Year!

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