Paragon Language Services: Bridging the Gap

As language service providers for companies all over the world, Paragon has proven expertise in understanding the precise nuances of language and culture, and the importance of speaking to your intended audience in THEIR language. Next week, professionals from all over the country will convene in San Diego for the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit to network and discuss impactful strategies and tactics to better resonate with the Hispanic and Multicultural markets for their respective brands. The Paragon team is expert in these areas. You cannot reach your target audience if you do not speak the same language, figuratively and literally, and we are authorities in bridging that gap. 
In fact, Paragon regularly works with retailers, direct to consumer brands and creative agencies providing ongoing multicultural language services. Among these are one of the largest footwear companies where we helped them open their first flagship store in Asia by localizing in-store videos and promotional advertising.
For two consecutive decades, Paragon has spearheaded multicultural outreach campaigns to raise awareness and participation in the U.S. Census in over 15 languages. In addition, we've provided extensive cultural and linguistic consulting in 10+ languages to promote a luxury auto brand. Paragon's expertise allows our clients to reach their intended audience in their language with messages that are clear, culturally relevant and effective.
A short list of some of Paragon's long-term clients: Best Buy, Clinique, Converse, Disney Consumer Products, Estee Lauder, Ford, Honda, Intuit, IW Group, Jason Markk, Lakeshore Learning Materials, Mattel, Nike, Old Navy, Origin, Studio PMG, The Disney Store, The Gap, Toyota, Volvo, Wieden+Kennedy, Yakult. 
Let the language experts help you tell your story. Visit us online or give us a call at +1-800-499-0299.

This article was originally published for Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. 

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