PLS Conference Travel Season is Here

Travel season is here! The Paragon team looks forward to being able to connect with friends, colleagues and potential business partners as we travel around the country to events that help elevate our business. Is it tiring? Yes. Do we forget what state we are in? Sometimes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! As small business owners it is important for us to invest in ways that don’t always produce immediate ROI, but still hold value. Finding better ways to run our business, learning about industry-specific news, team management insights, and networking with intelligent professionals from all over the world is invaluable.

This past May members of our team attended the Association of Language Companies Conference in San Diego and the Diversity Alliance for Science (DA4S) East Coast conference in New Jersey, which provided new energy and insights into our industry and those we serve. Paragon’s president, Marina Mintz, serves on the membership committee for DA4S and was delighted to co-host a members’ only event during the pre-conference activities. We also are looking forward to attending and sponsoring the LAEDC LA Investment Summit in mid-June and will round out the month with the WBENC National Conference in Orlando! If you see us please introduce yourself or shoot us an email to schedule a meeting at [email protected]. We would love to meet you! See you on the road! 

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