Insurance Products for Chinese Real Estate Development Company

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  • Insurance Products for Chinese Real Estate Development Company

    Background Information

    Client’s Industry

    Insurance and Risk Management

    Type of Product

    Translation of client presentation and pricing sheet

    Type of Project

    Rush translation, desktop publishing

    Languages Involved


    Volume of work

    15-slide presentation and 1 spreadsheet, about 2,500 words

    Time frame

    2 business days

    Project Overview

    A major risk management and insurance provider (the Client) needed to provide their presentation material and product/plan pricing to their customer, a large Chinese real estate developer operating in the United States. The Client turned to Paragon to translate and format their PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets on the excessively tight deadline they required.

    The Problem

    A major part of the Client’s business is providing insurance and risk consulting services to international customers working in the United States. For this customer, a large Chinese real estate developer, the Client’s presentation included terminology from a variety of disciplines: construction, insurance, finance, and legal, and therefore needed a true expert for successful translation. In addition, the Client’s graphs, charts, and other images needed to match exactly in English and Chinese.  The Client faced a deadline that meant there were only two days to spare for the translation and localization process.

    The Solution

    Upon receipt of the Client’s source files, Paragon moved quickly to ensure the right team of Chinese linguists was in place—translators, editors, and proofreaders who would not be overwhelmed by the diverse types of technical jargon throughout the presentation’s text and pricing proposal’s rows in the spreadsheet. The team delivered translations ahead of schedule, which gave Paragon’s professional desktop publishers extra time to perfect the graphs and images in the PowerPoints, and to adjust the Chinese spreadsheet to exactly match the English source. After a final structural review by Paragon’s project manager to ensure a perfectly matching translation, the project was submitted to the client on-time for the presentation to their customer.

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