Statement of Coverage and Benefits: Leveraging CAT Solutions and TM Management

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  • Statement of Coverage and Benefits: Leveraging CAT Solutions and TM Management

    Background Information

    Client’s Industry


    Type of Product

    Translations of Statements of Benefits and Coverage

    Type of Project

    Translation, translation memory management

    Languages Involved


    Volume of work

    About 5,000 words per document

    Time frame

    Ongoing for 10+ years

    Project Brief

    An in-state subsidiary of one of the nation’s largest health insurance networks (the Client) provides many of their customers with their Statements of Benefits/ Statements of Benefits and Coverage in Spanish. Through years of meticulous and detailed Translation Memory (TM) management, Paragon has electronically recorded translations of documents. Because most of the Client’s changes to these documents from customer to customer involve changing numbers and calculations, not stylistic or linguistic changes, the TM allows for a significant amount of translation to be done ahead of time, saving the Client time and money.

    The Problem

    The Client offers health insurance coverage for all kinds of employers throughout the state of Louisiana. Many of these customers employ people with limited-English proficiency, and these customers request Spanish-language versions of the Statements of Benefits, Statements of Benefits and Coverage, and other insurance policy documents from the Client. Although these documents contain largely the same terminology, with changes to dollar and percentage amounts tied to copays, deductibles, coinsurance, and other values, a translation workflow that doesn’t incorporate computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools would require a translator to start from the beginning of each document every time, and charge full price for this work.

    The Solution

    The first step upon receipt of the Client’s source PDFs was to quickly compile a manuscript of the source English text into a renderable format, in this case, Microsoft Word. Using a manuscript instead of an image file like a PDF allowed Paragon to leverage our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. After CAT analysis, Paragon’s linguists had mere hours to complete translation, editing, and proofreading, but because of the size and depth of our network of linguists, highly qualified linguists were ready and able to meet this tight deadline. Communication with the Client ensured time was not wasted in an unnecessary desktop publishing phase, as the Client confirmed that they would be able to use our Spanish manuscript and take care of formatting themselves within the survey platform. Any responses to open ended questions that employees provided in Spanish were sent to Paragon for back-translation into English so that the Client could provide its customer with employee feedback, as well as incorporate this feedback into the Client’s own insurance service offerings.

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