For the Love of Language - November 2016
Announcing The Launch Of Our New Website
Paragon is pleased to reintroduce our company website. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with relevant translation solutions. Our site showcases Paragon’s unique approach to business, scientific, legal, and entertainment language solutions, ensuring that your message is perfectly tailored to the people you want to reach, wherever they are and whatever language they speak.
With our recent website update we hope to provide more information on our processes which we have honed over the last 25 years. What’s changed, you ask? We have included a more in-depth “Experience” tab that dives deep into our core culture and what makes us who we are. Have a fear of translating incorrectly? We took it a step further and included case studies of client translation issues and the solutions we provided. Not sure what language we can assist you with? Don’t worry, Paragon has listed all languages available for translation and OPI (Over-the-phone-interpreting) for a quick overview.
The relaunch also includes an in-depth explanation of our interpreting services. Interpreting is one of our most widely utilized offerings and as such we thought it was important that our website clearly express our strategy. In our “Solutions” tab you will find complete details of our interpreting services and the diversity of solutions we offer under the interpreting umbrella. With this update we hope our clients find easy solutions to their interpreting needs.
We’re sending out postcards to tell you about our Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) services – a cost-effective and quick way to communicate in 200+ languages. If you are interested, please click HERE and share your information with us.
Are you in the mood for a scavenger hunt? The word “Dubbing” appears within our new website and we challenge you to find it. We will give the first person to find “Dubbing” a 5% discount on the next month’s service. When you find it, please send a screenshot to [email protected]

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